Bermuda SPCA Surrender form - Covid 19 no contact surrender

BERMUDA SPCA - ANIMAL SURRENDER FORM Please give us as much information as possible and be as truthful as possible. Truthful answers will not affect the animal's chances of coming in to us, but will improve the chances of fixing any issues and finding a home. * It costs us over $700,000 a year to operate the SPCA's animal services, we ask for a $25 surrender payment for each incoming animal. * Please give us as many phone numbers as possible as well as an email address which you monitor. For multiple animals (other than litters of young animals), please complete a form per pet. This is since the answers may be different for each animal and your form will attach to the individual animal's record.

You have signed above to say you agree with the following: • I confirm that I have the authority to enter this agreement and should my authority be subsequently questioned by the SPCA or any third party, I agree to take fully responsibility for entering into this agreement and if necessary to compensate the wronged party. • By surrendering this animal to the Bermuda SPCA, I hereby transfer all rights of ownership to the SPCA, I understand that in signing ownership over to the SPCA, I do not have any rights to receive the animal back or exercise any rights in respect to the animal. • I understand that the Bermuda SPCA is now responsible for any decisions relating to the welfare of this animal(s), including re-homing or euthanasia. In addition, I am aware that no further discussion will be entered into and that the outcome relating to the animal’s welfare will not be made available to me. • I agree to make a donation of $25.00 for the wellbeing and care of this animal while at the SPCA • I have read, understood and agree to the above conditions.