Sam - D2020119

Male Dog aged Approximately 3-5 Years Old.

I AM ENROLLED IN THE CELL DOG PROGRAM. BECAUSE I AM AT AN OFFITE LOCATION, YOU MUST HAVE AN APPROVED APPLICATION ON FILE BEFORE YOU CAN MEET ME. PLEASE CONTACT CCAS FOR MORE DETAILS. | A day in the life of Sam, as a Lee County Cell Dog: I wake up at 5am, with Deputy Dunn turning on the lights. He is not my favorite human at five in the morning, but he becomes it shortly after! My trainers want me to go out and do my "business". I’m not sure what my business is? All I know is it’s the time I potty. Then comes one of my favorite parts of the day, BREAKFAST!!! After breakfast I go back outside for more "business". Man, I work hard! Then, after working so hard it’s time for a nap. Just as I start dreaming of a steak and a walk on the beach, I'm being woke up to train and play. I have learned so much: "sit", "down", "patience", and how to be in my crate. After a morning of training, it’s back to steaks and the beach. Oh, I almost forgot, in the morning Deputy Dunn has a toy for I love toys!! After dreaming of steaks and walks on the beach, it’s time to go out for more business. Once I come back in, its time to play with my new toy and with my handler. I love my handlers. They feed me, play with me, and train me some more. By now it's dinner time, followed by my evening training. Socialization is part of my day, and I keep hearing my deputies and my handlers say how good I am with people and other dogs. After a great day of training, playing, and doing business, it’s off to bed for the night. I have to tell you this place is great. I’m always being loved, and learning new things. Everyone treats me with respect and makes me feel important. I hope one day my daily routine has you in it. So, if you’re looking for a dog that will love you forever and is good at business I’m your Pup!

Cape Coral Animal Shelter
325 SW 2nd Avenue, 239-573-2002