Blossom - D2020314

Female Dog aged Approximately 1-3 Years Old.

Hey, over here! Look at me! Blossom here and I have a heart of gold. I know that you’ll feel it as soon as we meet! The wonderful people here are reminding me how kind humans can be. I never knew that before coming here, but I sure am loving this journey! In fact, every night, I am cuddling up next to my handler and sleeping right next to him. (Don’t tell him, but it’s my favorite part of the day!). Some of my other favorite things are running around in the big yard (between you and me, I would really love a large fenced one), performing my commands for treats (they’re so tasty!), going for a long walk with my friends, and playing with my dog friends. What I want more than anything is to have a home of my own with a family who will love me forever and ever. Is that you?!

Cape Coral Animal Shelter
325 SW 2nd Avenue, 239-573-2002