Pongo - D2020346

Male Dog aged Approximately 3-5 Years Old.

Unlike my namesame from the Disney film, I am no Dalmatian, so thankfully I don’t need to cover up my spots! Whew! Actually, I have only a few prized spots, one really handsome one on my left eye, and you can’t miss my adorable spotted ears! Beyond my swarthy good looks, hehe, I am a strong dog who needs an active family. I get along well with older children. I am still making up my mind about other dogs... let's talk! It may take me just a few moments for me to warm up to you, but please bear with me, because once I do, I will be in love with you furever... and I'm pretty sure that you will love me, too!

Cape Coral Animal Shelter
325 SW 2nd Avenue, 239-573-2002