Titan - D2020375

Male Dog aged Approximately 5-7 Years Old.

My favorite thing in the whole world is to play fetch with my orange hex ball! I love it even more than I love treats! Beyond all of that, I am well-trained with my commands, and I am a champ at walking on a leash. I am an active dog who loves my hoomans. If you have a fenced yard where I could exercise, that would be a dream come true! One thing, I'm not really a fan of sharing a home with other dogs (but I can deal with them outside), so it's best for me to be with a family where I am the only dog. Make my dreams come true... .I am a dream of a dog! Make an appointment to meet me. Ask for Titan!

Cape Coral Animal Shelter
325 SW 2nd Avenue, 239-573-2002