Titan - D2020375

Male Dog aged Approximately 5-7 Years Old.

So, let me tell you a secret--I've been in jail. Yep, I've been part of the Lee County Sheriff's Office Cell Dog Program. And guess what--they tell me that I am one of the BEST dogs they have ever had in their program. No joke! Here's how I impress them--I run all around the compound playing, and no matter where I am, when they say, "Titan, go to bed" I go running into the building and get in my bed! You see, that impresses them so much, they give me extra treats and give me belly rubs, which I just love. I really don't want to live with other dogs. I don't get mad at them or anything, but I would like to be the "king" of my own castle. Humans? Love them all! Young, old, tall, short, girls, boys--doesn't matter. I get along great with everyone. As much as I've loved my little vacation hanging out with Deputy Dunn and the guys, I'm really ready to move into my new digs--hopefully with a yard because playing ball is one of my most favorite things! Want to give it a try? Come see me today!

Cape Coral Animal Shelter
325 SW 2nd Avenue, 239-573-2002